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Bangka Tablechime

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Squid Bamboo Tube Windchime

Owl Bamboo Tube Windchime

Duck Bamboo and Aluminum Windchime

Gazelle Bamboo Windchime

Giraffe Bamboo Windchime

Braided Raffia Bowler Hat, Orange

Braided Raffia Bowler Hat, Light Green

Braided Raffia Bowler Hat, Yellow

Braided Raffia Hat with Bangkuang Brim, Teal

Braided Raffia Hat with Bangkuang Brim, Yellow

  Lukmoy is a forest vine that produces long aerial roots. These species are found primarily at low altitudes and are widely distribut...
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  Tilob is a scrambling fern with slandering rhizome and with creeping hairy apex. Tilob is among the very few branching ferns and it ...
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  Nito, a plant that belongs to the fern family, is a climbing plant that commonly grows in low and medium altitudes in the hinterland...
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Kahoy Dalaga

  Kahoy-Dalaga is a tropical shrub that grows up to 10ft tall in tropical areas. It grows in thickets and secondary forests at low and...
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Galtang Vine

  Galtang is a climbing plant that grows widely in the Philippines. This plant is large-stemmed with up to 10 cm in diameter, whi...
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Cogon Grass

  Cogon grass is a perennial grass that is distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Varying greatly i...
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Bolongita is a medium-sized to fairly large tree that reaches up to 35 m tall. Its bark has a distinctive black to purple color and a surfac...
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  Philippine Coral Tree, or what the locals call as “takip-asin”, is a type of shrub endemic to the Philippines which grow...
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Elena’s Handicraft

In the late 1980s, Ms. Elena Paragas was a handicraft worker of the late Ms Edilberta Paragas who owned a small workshop making wood carving...
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Mendecs Trading

Mendecs Trading started the handicraft business in 1987 by supplying local handicraft shops in their municipality.

Established in 1991, the Barcelona Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Inc. or BMPCI in Sorsogon aims to improve the livelihood and well-being of the...
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Louniel Handicrafts

Lourdes Rafon, owner and manager of Louniel Handicrafts, used to work as a secretary at a real estate agency where she met her husband, Dani...
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ARP Handicrafts

ARP Handicrafts is managed by the third generation of the Pontioso family in Quezon.
MBB Handicrafts

Ms. Merly Bongat, owner and manager of MBB Handicrafts, used to be a simple housewife who raises farm animals for additional income.
Segui Enterprise

Mr. Amado Segui set-up Segui’s Enterprises in 1992 to generate income for his family.
Jun-Abe Crafts & Souv..

Mr. Felix Magdaong’s interest in trading goes way back during his high school when he engaged in buy & sell of raw materials.